Bhutan Festival Tours.

Yak Holidays specializes in Bhutan Festival Tours. We arrange personalized trips during the festivals in Bhutan. Please check out Bhutan festival dates.

Bhutan Festival Tours with Yak Holidays Int’l: At various times of the year, Bhutanese in towns and villages congregate to witness masked dance during festivals in Bhutan known as Tshechu. These colorful events draw thousands of locals, some of whom have to walk for days. Please check the Bhutan festival dates below.

Bhutan Festival Tours

Festivals in BhutanWhile the underlying purpose of festivals in Bhutan is spiritual, the dances are more often like plays where good triumphs over evil or depicts significant historical events, especially about the life of Bhutan’s patron saint, Padmasambhava ( also known as Guru Rimpoche).

There is inevitably a great deal of socializing; it is an opportunity for people to relax and forget daily routines, to dress in their finest clothes and jewelry but, more importantly, festivals in Bhutan is an occasion for prayer and blessings. Tshechus mainly comprise mask dances in addition to some folk dance entertainment. Festivals in Bhutan are not pageants or entertainment events and definitely not held as tourist attractions. They are genuine manifestations of ancient religious traditions, which outsiders are given the privilege to witness.