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Sheila Poh and her husband Curtiz Jr. witnessing Punakha Festival, 5th March 2020

Sheila Poh and her husband Curtiz Jr. from Singapore witnessing Punakha Festival, 5th March 2020.

Bhutan is also called “Druk Yul” or “The Land of Thunder Dragon”. More than 70% of the land is still under forest cover as mandated by the country’s constitution. It has a well maintained rich bio-diversity with more than 780 species of birds, 48 species of rare Rhododendrons and an estimated 400 species of medicinal plants and orchids. Much of the country’s forests are designated as Wildlife sanctuaries and parks and the wild animals roam freely. This is why Bhutan is designated as one of the top 10 Bio-diversity Hotspots in the world.

Bhutan is also the only carbon negative country in the world which means, it emits less carbon than it produces. Here, Gross National Happiness (GNH) is given a higher platform than Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Buddhist religion, age old tradition and culture are well preserved and play a vital role in the daily lives of the Bhutanese people. Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan but, English is also widely spoken throughout the country.


One should consider the information given below when you plan your travel to Bhutan from Singapore.

Flights to Bhutan from Singapore:

Singapore to Bhutan Flights are on Thursday & Sunday: Druk Air is the only Bhutanese airline that flies to and from Singapore to Bhutan. There are two flights a week i.e on Thursdays and Sundays. Singapore to Bhutan flight time is at 6:30 Am and arrives Paro, Bhutan at 10:30 Am, Flight No. KB 541.

Bhutan to Singapore Flights are on Wednesdays & Saturdays: Flight No. KB 540 departs from Paro at 7:30 Am and arrives Singapore at 3:35 Pm.

All the above flights will have a lay over at Gauhati, India for 45 Minutes. Flight from Singapore to Bhutan duration is 5 1/2 hours.

Singapore to Bhutan flight cost:

  • Economy Class: SIN – PBH – SIN: US $ 1003.00
  • Business Class: SIN – PBH – SIN: US $ 1657.00

Baggage allowance:

20 kg for economy class, 30 kg Business class.

Hand carry is 5 kg.

Singapore to Bhutan Tour packages.

Considering the availability of flights from Singapore to Paro, Bhutan and return flight to Singapore, we have designed 4 best Singapore – Bhutan – Singapore Bhutan Tour packages.

  1. Thursday: Singapore – Paro, Bhutan & return on Wednesday – 6 nights/ 7 days Bhutan tour package.
  2. Sunday: Singapore – Paro, Bhutan & return on Saturday – 6 nights / 7 days Bhutan tour package.
  3. Thursday: Singapore – Paro, Bhutan & return on Saturday – 9 nights / 10 days Bhutan tour package.
  4. Sunday: Singapore – Paro, Bhutan & return Wednesday – 10 nights / 11 Days Bhutan tour package.

If you wish to combine your Bhutan trip with a short 2 days trek, then we would like to suggest Bumdra Trek. This is a short trek in Paro with beautiful views of the mountains and valley below. The highest point is 4000 meter. The camping facilities at Bumdra are the most luxurious.

Please click on the link for the itinerary.

Bhutan Festival: We advise you to coincide your Bhutan Tour package from Singapore with one of the Spectacular festivals of Bhutan. Links to the Bhutan Festival dates for 2021 and 2022.

Bhutan Visa formalities:

It is Bhutan government’s regulation that you use a licensed Tour Operator in Bhutan such as Yak Holidays Int’l or one of their international partners to book your travel to Bhutan.

5-Travel-tips-to-know-before-planning-your-Bhutan-TourEvery visitor requires a passport, valid for at least 6 months. The visa clearance for Bhutan must be pre-approved prior to your arrival in Bhutan. Your Bhutan visa will be arranged by the Local Tour operator such as Yak Holidays Int’l. Bhutan visa cost is US $ 40 for Singaporean. The applications for tourist visas are processed by your tour operator and it takes at least 10 days. You should send us a scanned copy of your passport. Please make sure to carry the same passport that you submitted for your Bhutan visa or you will be denied entry.

The Bhutan visa approval letter issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Bhutan) will be sent to you after the receipt of your payment in full. You should produce your visa approval letter when you check-in at the airport (Port of entry). The actual visa will be stamped in your passport upon your arrival at the Paro airport.

Daily tourist tariff:

Low season months (Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug and Dec): US $ 180 per person per night (For a group of 3 or more people).

High season months (Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct and Nov): US $225 per person per night (For groups of three or more people).

FIT Surcharge (Extra supplement charge) will be levied for smaller groups:

  • For a solo traveler, it is US $ 40 per person per night.
  • For 2 people in a group, it is US $ 30 per person per night.

The Daily Tariff inclusions:

This fee includes accommodation in 3 star, all meals, licensed tour guide, driver, transportation, entry fees for the museums and monuments. While on trek, you are provided camping equipment & ponies to carry supplies, cook and helpers. Also included within the fee is a US $ 65 per night royalty. This fee goes to the government towards free education, free health care and poverty alleviation of the Bhutanese people. The health care is also free for tourists.

The philosophy behind the mandatory minimum fee being that it creates a high value/low impact tourist environment. The government regulates this minimum fee in order to manage tourism in a more sustainable way.

The Views from your flight:

Things to know when you travel to Bhutan from Singapore.

The Views of Himalayas.

Just prior to landing at Paro airport, the Drukair plane makes the descent from amongst the clouds; you will get wonderful views of the beautiful, serene Himalayan mountain ranges. This special chance to view these mountains from above would more than justify your high Drukair fares.

This particular flight experience is priceless and it won’t happen to you every other day. For the best views, please check-in early for your Drukair flight and request your seat on the left side of the plane if you are flying in from Singapore or Bangkok. Likewise on your return flight, request for a seat on the right side of the plane. The seats on Drukair flight are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

Welcome to Bhutan!