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The Visa for Bhutan is approved and issued ONLY by the Department of Immigration based in Thimphu Bhutan. No Missions or Embassies outside Bhutan are authorized to issue Bhutan visa on behalf of the Royal Government of Bhutan. Your Representative in Bhutan will submit Bhutan Visa application on your behalf to the Department of Immigration in Thimphu. Once your visa is approved, the Department of Immigration issues a “Visa Approval Letter”. The same letter will be e-mailed to you prior to your travel to Bhutan. You have to carry this document and produce it at the check- in-counter when you board your flight to Bhutan.

visa for Bhutan

Photo page of a passport. Please note that the MRZ Number at the bottom of the passport (Marked in Red) should be clearly visible.

Visa is required for all nationals traveling to Bhutan except Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivians. It is necessary to obtain “Bhutan Visa Approval letter” prior to your travel to Bhutan.

You will get your visa at the Immigration desk of Paro airport for those who travel by air. For those traveling by road, the Immigration office at the border town will stamp visa in your passport. You can enter Bhutan from Phuntsholing, Gelephu or Samdrup Jongkhar if you are traveling by road.


Bhutan visa cost is US $ 40 per person per trip and is payable along with your Bhutan trip cost.


You have to send a scanned copy of your passport (Photo page) to your Local Travel agent to process tourist visa. The application for Tourist visa for Bhutan is submitted by Local Tour Operator such as Yak Holidays International. Once we receive the full payment of your trip, we submit your visa applications to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). They will then process the visa applications with the Department of Immigration, Thimphu. It normally takes 2 working days to process the visa. Once your Visa is approved by the Department of Immigration, they will issue “Bhutan Visa approval letter”. Your local travel agent will e-mail you this letter prior to your travel to Bhutan. The actual visa will be stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan.

NOTE: Please do not forget to bring the same passport of which you sent the photo page to process the visa.

The duration of visa for Bhutan depends on the length of the Bhutan trip booked with your local travel agent, either directly with local agent or through International Travel agents.


Bhutan VisaThe validity of your passport should be minimum 6 months before the start of your Bhutan trip.


  1. Book your Bhutan trip with a Local Bhutanese Tour Operator.
  2. You have to wire transfer full payment to the account of your preferred Tour operator in Bhutan.
  3. Please send a copy of the wire transfer receipt.
  4. You have to send the scanned copy of the photo page your passport (s).
  5. The validity of your passport should be minimum 6 months from the date of travel.
  6. Your Bhutanese Tour Operator will process the visa for Bhutan on your behalf. Once the visa is approved, the local Tour Operator will send you the visa approval letter. You are now eligible to travel to Bhutan.
  7. The Actual visa will be stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan at the Paro Airport or other port of entry you are traveling from.

NOTE: We can also process Bhutan visa within 72 hours for last minute bookings.


It is necessary to obtain Bhutan visa for US (USA) citizens in advance for travelling to Bhutan. Bhutan visa for US citizens is processed by the local Travel Agent. Bhutan visa cost / fee is US $ 40 per person per trip. It is to be paid along with the tour payment.


Paro, Haa valley, Thimphu, Punakha & Wangduephodrang (Western Bhutan):

The above 5 districts constitute Western Bhutan. Paro is considered and recognized as the gateway to Bhutan with the tourist circuit starting from Paro city. It also boasts of the only international airport of Bhutan.  Paro is also home to the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery situated 900 m above the Paro valley. Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. Punakha (1310 m) is the ancient capital of Bhutan before Thimphu. Wangduephodrang is the last frontier before entering Central Bhutan. Haa valley is the smallest district in Bhutan and is newly opened to Tourism.

Trongsa & Bumthang (Central Bhutan):

Bumthang is the spiritual heartland of Bhutan and four small valleys constitute Bumthang valley. Trongsa was the capital of Bhutan and the first two Kings of Bhutan ruled the country from Trongsa. As per tradition, the Crown Prince of Bhutan is appointed the Governor of Trongsa before he is being crowned the King of Bhutan.

The Guru Rimpoche himself performed his first mask dance in Bumthang in the 8th century. Buddhism took its roots in Bhutan from Kurjey monastery in Bumthang. The world famous “Yathra” and “Mathra” fabric from Yak hair and sheep wool are woven in Bumthang. The massive fortresses, ancient temples, festivals of Bumthang showcase a rich and lively cultural heritage of Bhutan.

Your travel to Bhutan will never be complete if you do not visit the Bumthang valley.