Multiple hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult abound in the valleys of Phobjika and Gangtey.

From soaking in the peace and quiet of the valley, visitors can partake in day hikes with trails ranging from easy to difficult. From trudging through pine forests, temples and villages laden with prayer flags, hikers can even interact with the locals if they so choose to. Also, the various bird species along the trails make it ideal for bird watchers and photography enthusiasts.

A full-day hike around Phobjika valley begins at the base of Hotel Dewachen or from Khewang temple for those who prefer to drive up to the temple. There are many trails to choose from depending on the preference of hikers. The Shasila trail for example is frequented by people of Sha Ngawang and Chitokha to migrate between their summer and winter homes in Gangtey. This trail is highly recommended for bird watchers. For fit and adventurous hikers, the slightly more difficult Khotokha trail is a big hit. Along the route, hikers can visit the monastery and farmhouses before stopping to dig into their packed lunch boxes.

It is also possible to hike from Longtey village down into Phobjikha if you’re coming from Trongsa.  Longtey Village, located just before Pele La Pass, is where your hike will commence. This trail is the most sought after given its spectacular thickets of dwarf bamboos, birch, rhododendron, hemlock and fir with the occasional prayer flags thrown in for good measure.