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Travel to Bhutan with Yak Holidays Int’l, one of the pioneer Bhutan Travel agencies…
We specialize in the best tailor made Bhutan Travel / Bhutan Trip packages and group Travel to Bhutan. We are one of the Top 10 leading Bhutan tourism companies in Bhutan.

Located in the Eastern Himalayas, on the roof of the world, is Bhutan. You can think of it like a sacred Monastery nestled high up on a cliff. And like the Monastery surrounded by looming hills on both sides, Bhutan is sandwiched in-between two of the most populated countries on the planet – India and China. Yet, in complete harmony, the tiny Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon fits in perfectly like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle.


Women folk of remote Laya village

Over the years, Bhutan has generated a lot of interest on varying subjects of which perhaps our institution of monarchy, our spiritual values, our democracy that was thrust upon us, our development philosophy of Gross National Happiness and, our environmental policy top the list.

Still, you may ask, are those reasons appealing enough to visit Bhutan?

The answer is a definite yes! For, here – in Bhutan, centuries old ways of life blend harmoniously with modern times to create a fairytale realm like no other. The answer is yes, because Bhutan is a country like no other. It is unique, it is different and it is truly inspiring and fascinating.

Some of our stories, small as they may be, are unprecedented, and have all the ingredients to inspire others in a big, big way.


The National Memorial Chorten at Thimphu

Most of you have likely seen photographs of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro or heard about it. Perched on a 3,120 meter-tall cliff face, the monastery is one of the most photographed and visited landmarks in Bhutan. The story goes that Guru Rimpoche (a spiritual master who brought Buddhism to Bhutan) arrived there on the back of a tigress to subdue a local demon.

Yes, you heard that right. We usually take our demons head-on in Bhutan and most times even manage to subdue them. Call it the hardy Bhutanese spirit, if you will.

For the Bhutanese, though, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is sacred because the site it stands on is where Buddhism took its roots. Yet it’s not just the monastery that we revere in Bhutan, we hold many other things sacred as well; our sovereignty (we have never been colonized), our unique culture that’s thriving, our prominence as the only carbon neutral country in the world, our distinction as a global hotspot for biodiversity, but, what we hold most sacred, before everything, is our leadership – the leadership of our kings.

28 Things we bet you didn’t know about Bhutan:

  1. Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia and the eight happiest country in the world.
  2. Bhutan literally means “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” It earned the nickname because of the fierce storms that often roll in from the Himalayan mountain ranges.
  3. At 24,840 feet, Gangkhar Puensum is the highest point in Bhutan—and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.
  4. Plastic bags are banned in Bhutan.
  5. Bhutan is the only country in the world where there is a festival to welcome migrating birds.
  6. Animal slaughter is banned in Bhutan.
  7. The University of Texas at El Paso, USA, has been built in traditional Bhutanese architectural style.
  8. In Bhutan, inheritance is generally passed on to the daughter rather than the son. And so, after marriage, a man often moves into the home of his new wife.
  9. Television came to Bhutan only in 1999.
  10. Bhutan is the only country in the world that has no traffic lights.
  11. The fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck abdicated the throne in 2008 in favor of his son His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.
  12. At the age of 28, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck became the youngest reigning monarch in the world when he took over the dragon throne.
  13. Bhutan transitioned into a constitutional democracy in 2008.
  14. As most citizens don’t know their date of birth, the government listed them as born on New Year’s Day in their identity cards. As such, all citizens officially become one year older on New Year’s Eve.
  15. Chili is the main dish in Bhutan. All other dishes merely take up space along the edge of the plate.
  16. Bhutan is the only country in the world that is governed by the philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than GDP.
  17. Bhutan is the first country in the world to ban tobacco.
  18. Bhutan’s parliament is the most educated parliament in the world. All MPs are required by the constitution to hold a college degree.
  19. Bhutan is one country where you are most likely to spot a yeti, or the abominable snowman. Don’t believe us? Just come and try!
  20. More than 60% of the Bhutanese population is under the age of 25.
  21. Bhutan is the only country in the world that is carbon negative – meaning that it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits.
  22. The Bhutanese constitution mandates that 70% of land remain under forest cover for all times to come.
  23. Bhutan is the only country in the world that follows the Tantric form of Buddhism.
  24. Of the estimated Bhutanese population of 705,000 people, 244,000 are illiterate.
  25. Only 25.5% of the Bhutanese use public transport.
  26. The history of Lhakhangs (temples) in Bhutan dates back to the 7th century when the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo built 108 temples throughout the Himalaya region to subdue a demon.
  27. Bhutan got its first paved road only in 1962.
  28. The Bhutanese believe that phalluses help ward off evil. Hence it is common to find phallus drawings in most houses.

Who are we?

Yak Holidays International is an independently owned travel company based in Thimphu, Bhutan. Our philosophy is based on a love of travel and exploration and a desire to retain the spirit that we established when we were founded in the August of 2003. We are rated one of the best Bhutan travel agencies/Bhutan tour Operators. We’ve always been known for innovative and inspiring trips, and we understand that everyone’s travel needs is different. But, in all our diversity, we all share the same thing – a curiosity to go out into the world and share experiences.



We at Yak Holidays are different to most other travel companies in Bhutan. We started as a small but dedicated group of enthusiastic guides and staff who are still the core members of the company. Over the years, our experience in the Bhutanese tourism sector has indeed grown. And, as such, we have been conscious to take all the positives forward to build onto our reputation and serve


Spanish Actress Pilar Macarena De Cano pose in front of Mt. Jumolhari.

our clients better.

Our sales consultants are real travellers – ex tour leaders, social workers, photographers, artists and musicians. Individuals obsessed with travel and adventure – they are some of the most well informed people you can ask for as companions on your trips.

We at Yak Holidays International believe that travel should be stimulating, and give you an authentic experience of a destination. We want our travellers to relish the amazing diversity of cultures through our incredible and varied repertoire of adventures. Our small, intimate groups are an international mix of like-minded travellers who share our commitment to sustainable tourism. With our eclectic mix, we promise to deliver the best – always.

Tashi Delek!.

Meet the Yak Team

Sithar TamangSithar Tamang

Zangmo Sherpa

Josna Rana

Bhakta Gurung

kinga Tshering-GuideKinga

Lal Bdr RaiLal Bdr Rai

Ata Kencho-DriverAta Kencho

Yeshey-DriverYeshey Rinzin


Motto: To harmoniously unite communities through conservation & sustainable and responsible travel

Travel Company in BhutanAwards & Nominations : Yak Holidays International is the only Bhutan Travel Agency to be nominated for the Ashoka Change Makers’ Award. The award, given by the National Geographic Society, was bestowed to us in 2008 for our work in creating awareness amongst travelers on the unique nomadic lifestyle prevalent in the mountains, and for upholding local laws governing culture and environmental preservation practices.

Our Clients’ Testimonials.


Former President of Ukraine, H.E. Victor Yeschenko & his family in Bhutan (2014) with Yak Holidays Int’l management team.

Memorable trip to Bhutan – made easy with Yak Holidays

Everything was taken care of by Yak Holidays, We were in Bhutan in March for a 12 days Bhutan vacation. We saw everything we wanted to. Because it was just my wife and I if we wanted to change the itinerary it was no problem. Our guide Mandhoj and driver Yuda were wonderful. I have no idea how Yuda drove through those mountain passes with Yaks, dogs, rocks, cows, horses, landslides etc almost every step of the way. Mandhoj is an amazing man, his English was great as was his Spanish- he is a passionate guide, and extremely knowledgeable. All of the hotels were good, and all of the stops worthwhile

chicnanandtomChicago, Illinois

Former President of Ukraine, H.E. Victor Yeschenko & his family in Bhutan (2014) with Yak Holidays Int’l management team.

My trip to Bhutan was an amazing adventure.

I was greeted with warmth upon arrival at the Paro International Airport and my guide and driver were fun to be with. My itinerary was bountiful and flexible which was great as some of the visits were quite quick. I very much enjoyed the temples and the vast history. My guide was very knowledgeable!

I was also greeted by Mr Sithar, the owner of the company, who came out to meet me in person. This was such a lovely gesture.

I highly recommend a Bhutan trip with Yak Holidays Int’l. and I know that I will be back to Bhutan with them to see more of this amazing country.

Jenna SAustralia

Former President of Ukraine, H.E. Victor Yeschenko & his family in Bhutan (2014) with Yak Holidays Int’l management team.

My boyfriend and I just completed a 9-day travel packages to Bhutan with Yak Holidays Int’l in early November. Bhutan as a country is truly magical and amazing – it is one of the most beautiful and lovely place I’ve ever been. However, it is the simple but genuine hospitality of the Bhutanese people that truly sets the country apart.

Our entire experience was smooth and very pleasant right from the start. Before our trip to Bhutan, Sithar from Yak Holidays Int’l provided us with all the information we needed (including a detailed itinerary) and was very prompt in his email responses.


Hollywood Actor, Keith Erik Andreen and his beautiful actress wife, Katrina Joyce Andeen traveled with us from 22nd Dec - 28th Dec. 2017.

Hollywood Actor, Keith Erik Andreen and his beautiful actress wife, Katrina Joyce Andeen traveled with us from 22nd Dec – 28th Dec. 2017.

Myanmar's Ambassador (His Excellency Lwin Oo) to Nepal and his wife travelled to Bhutan with us from 19th May - 22nd May 2017

Myanmar’s Ambassador (His Excellency Lwin Oo) to Nepal and his wife traveled to Bhutan with us from 19th May – 22nd May 2017

Our clients from Singapore, Sarah Teh Poh Ling and Tang Kong Wai booked their trip to Bhutan with us from date 15/04/18 – 21/04/18

Why book Bhutan travel packages with Us?

  • Guaranteed Visa for your Bhutan trip.
  • Best tailor made and flexible/compatible itinerary(ies) to suit your Bhutan travel needs.
  • Best hotel options of your choice.
  • No hidden costs (please check our Bhutan travel information link to find out what our daily tourist tariff covers).
  • We promote responsible and eco-friendly trip to Bhutan and have been nominated for the Asoka change maker’s award in 2007 and 2008 by the National Geographic Society.

Read our reviews on TripAdvisor Bhutan

review in Trip Advisor

4 Simple Steps to book a trip to Bhutan

Most travelers find it complicated to book a trip to Bhutan. Below are 4 simple steps to plan and book your travel packages to Bhutan. Please note that you should book a pre-paid travel packages to Bhutan as per our Government’s policy.

Bhutan-Flight-RoutesStep 1: Decide your date of travel to Bhutan (Duration of stay). You need to mention the port of entry and exit out of Bhutan (Port means city). Drukair and Bhutan Airlines fly to and from Bangkok, Singapore, Kathmandu, Dhaka (Bangladesh), New Delhi (India), Kolkotta (India), Bagdogra (India), Gaya (India) and Guwahati (India). You have to send us the scanned copies of your passports to book the flight and process visa.

Step 2: Customize your Bhutan trip itinerary after consulting with Bhutanese tour operator: You can coincide your visit with one of the spectacular festivals (festivals in Bhutan are a year-round events which are held in various places) or you can add visit to a Bhutanese farm house, cycling, hiking to the mountain tops, white water rafting, kayaking, flora and fauna, archery match and other activities of your interest.

Step 3: You have to wire transfer the tour payment and cost of the flights to our account. A copy of the wire transfer receipt should be send to us. We will mail you our bank details once your trip is finalized.

Step 4: After we receive the payment:

  • We will process the Bhutan visa for your tour/trekking. The Bhutan visa approval letter issued by the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs, Thimphu Bhutan will be sent to you. You have to carry this document when you board the flight into Bhutan. The actual visa will be stamped in your passport upon arrival at the port of entry, Paro Airport or other ports of entry like  Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar if you are travelling to Bhutan by overland.
  • We will book and issue the Airline tickets (E-tickets) which will be emailed to you.

Note: You can also book and purchase the airline tickets online from the airlines’ respective websites. Bhutan Airlines and Drukair

The Most recommended Bhutan Travel Packages.


Bhutan at a Glance

Explore the best of Western Bhutan encompassing 3 enthralling districts with a 4 nights/5 days Bhutan travel packages with Yak Holidays Int’l. Discover and take back home all the experience of your mystical Bhutan tour. You can enjoy a half day hiking to the Tiger’s Nest, Rinpung Dzong, Drukgyel Dzong & Ta Dzong at Paro.


Shangri-La highlight Tour

Plan a fascinating trip to Bhutan with our 7 nights / 8 days Bhutan trip package, one of our best RECOMMENDED travel packages to Bhutan. The highlights of this trip include visit to the remote and yet the most beautiful Glacial valley of the Himalayas, the Phobjikha valley which is home to the rare Black necked Cranes.


Central Bhutan Tour

Discover the breathtaking beauty of  pristine Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and home to Buddhist monasteries and legacy in our 11 days magical Bhutan travel plan of this Himalayan kingdom.  Emblazoned with our spirited mission of being ‘At our very best for travelers’, we endeavor to make each visit a truly special one.

Recommended Bhutan trekking tour packages.

You can also join one of our fixed departure Bhutan trekking and hiking trips. All these trekking itineraries are combined to witness one of the spectacular festivals in Bhutan.


Drukpath Trek

This is a very popular 5 days Bhutan trekking tour, a high altitude one and is moderately strenuous. The trek route passes through some beautiful high altitude Lakes. It starts from Paro & ends at Thimphu.


Jomolhari Trek

This is a classic 9-day Trek starting from Drukgyal Dzong at Paro and ends at Dodena near Thimphu. This adventure trekking route passes through two high passes from Jangothang & is the well known trek in Bhutan.


Laya Gasa Trek

It introduces you to the unique culture of the Layap people (The Nomadic people of Upper Himalayas bordering Tibet) and offers a stop at a natural hot spring in Gasa. Highest point for this trek is 4115m.

Recommended upcoming festival tour packages.

You can also join one of our fixed departure Bhutan festival tours.


Jakar Tshechu

Date: 5th – 9th Nov 2019

The festival also hosts different types of folk songs and mask dances. People visit this festival dressed in their best finery and the festival is also popular and major draw for enthusiastic tourists. Jakar Tshechu Festival goes on for three (3) days.


Black Necked Crane Festival

Date: 11th Nov 2019

This festival is a very rare occasion for visitors to rejoice and celebrate the arrival of this endangered and majestic bird, (Grus nigricollis) during the winter months (late October to late February).This festival is celebrated annually.


Nalakhar Tshechu

Date: 12th – 14th Dec 2019

This festival is actually celebrated to bring peace, happiness and prosperity to the village & the country. It is also a yearly symbolic moment for good harvest & for the well being of all sentient beings. It is held at the Ngaa Lhakhang in Nalakhar village in Bumthang.

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