Places to visit in Bhutan

The list of top places to visit to Bhutan. Being a mountainous and landlocked country, most of the destination are located in the small fertile valleys surrounded by the snow capped mountains and hills adorned with beautiful Women folk of remote Laya village-Bhutan Travelstupas called chortens. The colorful prayer flags fluttering the hills and mountain tops are a common sight which is believed to spread the mantras of peace and tranquility to the sentient beings. The occasional sounds of the gongs and cymbals interrupt the quietness of these valleys.

As you visit to Bhutan from the Western part of the country to the East, you will discover that each of these valleys has its own beauty and uniqueness and keep you charmed during your entire travel. Most recommended Bhutan places to visit are Paro, Thimphu, Haa, Punakha, Wangdue, Phobjikha, Trongsa & Bumthang.  Some tourists visiting in Bhutan still choose to travel to the Eastern part of Bhutan which has its own charm.

9 Amazing Places to Visit in Bhutan

Places to visit in Western Bhutan

Picturesque Paro


One of the best places to visit at Bhutan in Paro. One of the biggest and most fertile valleys, Paro is the location of Bhutan’s only international airport. The iconic Taktshang (The Tiger’s Nest) is one of the main tourist spots.

Haa – Unspoiled & Unsullied


This beautiful hidden valley is located at an altitude of 2638 meters above the sea level and was closed for the Tourists until 2001. So Haa valley is a must see one of the places to visit at Bhutan during your trip to Bhutan.

Thimphu – The Capital City


Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan since 1960, lies at an elevation of over 7600 ft. The tallest statue of sitting Buddha at Kuensel Phodrang is one of the best tourist sites in Thimphu. The annual Thimphu Tshechu is held in its courtyard.

Pictorial Punakha


Punakha valley lies below the 10,500 ft Dochula Pass, with 108 well arranged small stupas on a hillock is an awesome tourist site & one can also get to see the most spectacular view of the Black Mountain range from here.



Wangdue Phodrang is the last town on the highway before entering Central Bhutan. The town is little more than an enlarged village. Wangdue Phodrang Dzong (fort) is the town’s most visible feature & a major tourist attraction.

Gangtey & Phobjikha

The Upper part of this valley is called Gangtey and lower part of the valley is called Phobjikha valley at an elevation of 3000 meters above the sea level. The Black mountain range divides the valley from central Bhutan.

Places to visit in Central & Eastern Bhutan

Tantalizing Trongsa


In the center of Bhutan & 4 hours by the road from Wangdue Phodrang, Trongsa offers a welcome rest to travelers. Trongsa is an ancestral home of the present Royal family.



The Yotongla pass and the series of hair-raising bends at 11500 ft separate the valleys of Trongsa and Bumthang. This is one of the most beautiful valleys in the kingdom.



Places to visit in eastern Bhutan, making up the eastern part of the nation, these four districts boasts the most diverse elevations and climatic zones.

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